Friday, 22 July 2011

Hand Weaver's Gallery and Studio visit

So yesterday I visited the Hand Weaver's Gallery and Studio.

It was like walking into a sweetie shop, the colours and choices of thread was amazing.

I had an ideal of the colours I wanted and my budget - always an important thing to set before going to these places! - and then I shopped...

Something for myself

Something for the business...

and of course for coursework

Linen, Tencil, Paper/visose, Japanese Koyari paper yarn and ramie/viscose

Yes, Jenn, Course work is still where I left it. I have been very busy with completing five orders since returning from Urchfont. I may not be physically doing anything at the moment for C & G, but it's all up in my head awaiting time to put them on paper! Seeing the other Module Fivers posting work usually gets me worried and burn the midnight oil!

Really enjoying the Sketch Book project - squeezing in a few drawings each morning either side of the school run make me organised and more dedicated to using sketchbooks.

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Rachel said...

The great thing about creative work is that it carries on even when you aren't actually making something!