Friday, 22 July 2011


I never grew up in a dance environment, I only had Pan's People, Legs and Co. and the rather raunchy ones off The Kenny Everett Show to influence me. The only ballet I had seen was while in Sixth form, the one that most children are introduced to ballet with - The Nutcracker. Even when my daughter was of an age to attend dance classes she showed no interest and had gymnastics and swimming lessons instead. As a child I did not miss it, I remember saying to myself that it didn't matter that I didn't appreciate or understand ballet as I would when I got older. What a sensible child I was because last night I got it!

I experience something amazing, whether it's because my daughter had been at a workshop at the ENO, Coliseum all week and had been telling me about the goings on, or maybe it was the quick tour behind the scenes before the performance. It could have been Bizet's music, the costumes, the set or the Roland Petit choreography, all where wonderful... here's to being a grown up and finally understand what the hell is going on!


Anonymous said...

It may simply have been that the Nutcracker didn't really strike a chord, or it might have been too mannered a production for you. But so glad it makes sense to you now!

Patty Ashworth said...

I had ballet for 7 years while growing up and loved it. Then my feet grew and never fit in the toe shoes again without extreme pain. So every once in a while, I still dance around the house, but the days are gone for anything else. Care to tango?!