Sunday, 18 January 2009

They said I wouldn't last the week!

My Darling family laughed last week-end when, after cutting up strips of paper bearing names of stitches and colours, I announced I would keep a journal. "Who's going to join me in a sweep stake for how long she's going to last?" asked DH to my Darling Children - Well I have proved them all wrong so far!!!!



STITCHES: Oriental canvas stitch and Detached Square Filling Stitch
If you want to know what's been scribbled, click on the photograph for a close-up

Sunday and The Rules







- I don't normally give in to illness if I can, but I just had to today I ached all over!

And so a new week begins with the colour Purple

And the stitches: Sorbello and Linked Double Chain

Added later after rereading this post...

For those of you who are wondering, Keith Barron is an English Actor of Stage and TV and was rather big when I was younger in various SitComs, I believe he has also been on CountDown. Well, DH and I like to play a game of spot the bit part Actor - you know the ones, they support major stars can be intregal to the plot, may get killed in the first episode, you recognise them all the time, but do you know their names? NO! - and DH is rather good at it. In the past we have followed an Actor around Hampton Court Maze while he convinced me he was who DH thought he was - (He was right) and an Actor in the M&S lingerie dept in Richmond must have felt his ears burning as he helped his wife choose underwear (He was right again). As it were Keith Barron will be pleased to know that DH didn't see him as he sat at the outside table of a cafe in East Molesey - to quote DH "Oh, I didn't see him, I only spot bit part actors!" So there you go Keith, you may not have been on TV much recently, apart from "Where the Heart is" but in DH's eyes you're BIG TIME!


Helen Conway said...

Nice to have a supportive spouse isn't it?! Or was it reverse psychology - proving people wrong is always so satisfying. Which reminds me - I'd better work on that cross stitch my mother thinks I'll never in a million years finish!

JaneO said...

We knew you could do it - great start.