Sunday, 11 January 2009

Has it only been a Week?

Jan 1st found us boarding a plane to Nice, hiring a car and driving to Antibies for a week-end away to celebrate the start of DH's Gap Month as he had left his job of 19 years on December 31st and begins his new one 2nd of Feb.

Posh yachts in the marina

Nativity cakes in the Patissarie Shop

We're in France there has to be some snails!

In the Square was a Christmas Fair with a fountain that "moved " to music and at night had a lazer show - maybe I could suggest this to Boris for next year's New Years celebrations in Trafalga Square!

We had a great family time seeing the sites and for the boys the highlight was driving the Formula One route in Monte Carlo, which we visited last Saturday.

On the Grid

Through the tunnel

Not quite Lewis Hamilton, but we only had an Opal Corsa!

Sadly we didn't break the bank at the Casino

and this is not a Frenchman, but an English man who forgot his hat and had to borrow his Daughter's beret to stop his baldy head from burning in the winter sun!

It was a shock to return to Freezing England!

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Helen Conway said...

That ceratinly beats stacking plastic boxes in a cupboard all day!