Saturday, 10 January 2009

Coursework Challenge Day

Good Morning Blog World

So it's Saturday 8.50am, a little later than I had hoped, but here I am ready for the Coursework Challenge. This post will be extended throughout the day, so keep reading as the post will get longer!

I woke to see the garden covered in a smattering of frost and snow flakes.

It's very cold and I have no desire to venture outside so I have no excuse not to get on with the challenge. Concerned that Dear Daughter will be out in this today but I have packed hats, gloves etc so she should be fine. Found out last night that one of my friends had waved off first born Son of 18 years to his flight to Cambodia, where he will be teaching English for 4 months. With only text, emails and the odd phone call to sustain her she was a bit upset but resigned to the fact he had flown the nest. Makes my two nights separated from my first born fade to insignificance - she's only Counties away not Countries and Continents!

So Plan of Action:

1. Once back in the work room I shall review what has been completed and photograph it

2. I shall be up loading the work completed so far.

3. Begin to tackle the next Chapters.

4. Photographing and uploading onto the Module Four blog as I complete each stage during today.

Knowing me I shall also be going off at different tangents as the ideas grab me!
These too will be photographed and uploaded

Blog you later!


Been busy finding receipts for Son so he can take a faulty disc back to Game, taken messages for DH from a long lost Uni friend he will be visiting after the Footie match - which is thankfully on as the pitch is okay. In between all this I have found all the coursework and refamiliarised myself with what I have done so far. Been busy sorting through the lettering and now having a coffee break while playing with "wordle".

Back soon...

...4.04 pm

Cup of tea time - everything stops for tea!

Although I have done quite a bit of this module last year I tended to skip some parts that I find dull and a bit boring, so today has been catching up on the bits I would happily not do if I could get away with it!

Here is my workroom floor with sheets of paper covered in ink scribbles hopefully drying in time to stick in the sketch book.

Must take a break to put the evening meal together so the boys have something warm when they return from the Football.

Be back soon...


Nearly the end of the day and I haven't yet downloaded all the work onto the Module 4 blog!

Boys returned from Football later than usual as DH called on an old Uni friend, who I don't think we have seen since his wedding and as his eldest is 18years old it must be some time ago!!! Fed them and then chilled out for a while - next to the fire to warm up(!) - Boys now in bed and I'm at a loss as to where I put the camera! Loads of pictures to download so I can upload to blog - I probably need some sleep. The good news is the wall I hit on chapter 2 has now been removed and I think I will be able to sign it off. A few other walls to sort out on some chapters but I think I am further on than I thought! Hurrah.

I think I 'll set the alarm for early and see what can be done tomorrow .

Good night Bloggers everywhere


JaneO said...

Good idea for a challenge - looking forward to seeing the results.

katinspace said...

I agree, what a good idea to have proper new year blitz to get everything moving again. You have inspired me so I hope to do a similar thing this afternoon to begin my final assault on module 2, and look towards the heady heights of module 3.