Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all.

Review of 2008 and a vague plan of 2009 coming in next few days

Didn't last year go quickly?
Hopefully the breaks will be applied to this new one and it will pass at a more sedate pace!

Good Cheer to you all and here's hoping the credit crunch doesn't bite too hard

At the end of each year newspapers usually do a review of all who passed away in the year. To all you consumers out there here's mine to the shopping street!

We sadly say goodbye to...
MFI - my daughter's bedroom would be empty if it wasn't for you
Morgan - never could fit in their clothes, so good ridance!
Adams kids clothes - ooops never shopped there - I was a Mothercare/Ladybird/GAP Mother and ...
Woolworths - now this shop I will miss, but I am abit annoyed as the chocolate fountain I bought for the New Year's Eve party I attended last night was abit of a damp squib as the fountain motor didn't work and we ended up having a chocolate fountain fondu!!!! As the shop in my village has now shut I shall be persuing this with the manufacturers...

Who knows which shops in our hermogenised shopping centres will be next - DH hopes it's not NEXT as he is rather particial to their clothes - one of the only shops he will happily go in without protest when out shopping with me!

So have a great year crafting, best wishes


Karen said...

And a Happy New Year to you too!


JaneO said...

Hi Alison, happy new year. Who knows,maybe we will end up with more varied high streets when this is all over.

Fibrenell said...

Happy New Year, Alison.
It seems so sad to hear of those shops closing - hope things get better soon.