Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween

Three hand carved and three pottery pumpkins on my door step

It is said that the Devil manifests himself as a Pig and he hasn't failed us. The evil spirits are around us in the form of Swine Flu. Yes, dear Daughter has fallen to it's nasty virus. Luckally I have the magic Tamiflu potion - well pills actually - to help her get better . It took a visit to three chemists before I could get my hands on some and that was after receiving the magic code via the internet and carrying two passports for id! Might have been quicker to go to a witch doctor!

Happy trick or treating!


threadcircles said...

Hi Alison
Hope your daughter isn't too afflicted and you stay well!
love Paula

Jennifer said...

I do hope she's better soon and that your gorgeous pumpkins scare off any other lurking spirits (and their germs). H1N1/swine is going around here like crazy, and while we haven't succumbed yet, it feels as though it will just be a matter of time. Sigh. Let's all be better for the holidays, in any case, OK?