Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Ally Pally

Well it starts again tomorrow and my tickets for Saturday are on the shelf
Daughter and I will be off on our annual trip with an evening in London and a visit to Yo Sushi. Yum!

Any one else planning their annual big spender/idea gathering day out?

Main attraction for me is a visit to Maggie Grey's area and a possible book purchase!

What I like about the show are the three areas: Big shopping area, the exhibition area and the Guilds and Specialists area. Oh, it's like opening a big box of chocolates and trying to decide which one to choose!

Knowing me, I'll scoff the lot and leave feeling a bit green around the gills!
But it usually is worth it - I trust I won't be disappointed.


Hazel said...

Hi from Hazel,
Will be at Ally Pally Saturday too, - will look out for you

Maggie said...

Hi Alison, I too will be at Ally Pally Saturday...will look out for you and Hazel!