Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Paying Respects...

A trip to New York would be disrepectful if you didn't pay your respects to Ground Zero.

The memorial that has been created in a building next to the site of the Twin Towers is very powerful and emotional place, even this far on.
We can all place our selves on the date it happened and remember the terrifying images on the TV, but to see the personal effects that were found in the debris and hear the stories of the people who worked there is truely heartbreaking.

Garlands of origami paper cranes sent by Japanese children

A scene of regeneration.

I do hope this area will be completed as the fountains planned for the two sites of the buildings will be a fitting memorial to the loss this city had in 2001

And at the end of the day what life should be about - Liberty and Freedom

After such a thought provoking morning we spent the rest of the day with the Statue of Liberty, such a lovely lady!

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