Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Boss of the Camera!

It's only when you get home and download the photos do you realise that you've been attached to the camera for most of the time and sadly hardly in any of them - then you give a sigh of relief after seeing the odd ones you are in and vow to go on the diet once the holidays are over - four more weeks to go!

There's no point starting sooner as there are too many ice creams to lick before the Summer's through!
So some of my favourite photo's I 'd like to share

5th Avenue window treatment

Lots of expensive bags, but have you seen the grill along the bottom of the window?

Great border pattern, maybe?

Sometimes you forget where you are

At one point I thought I was in Paris as this guy kept playing all the pieces of music you would expect to hear in a black and white moody film with sub-titles going on underneath

As it were we where in Central Park enjoying the sunshine

I like to take obscure photos that I hope will bring inspiration once home.

The best bit about New York skyscrapers is the reflections on the mirror windows

And views from the Empire State Building can give interesting images for quilting

Thinking of "photo shopping" this

I can see Mondrian-esque images here

Lots of vertical and horizontal lines to play with here

and a view of my all time favourite building -

The Chrysler Building

And this window in the Empire State Building entrance hall has given me plenty of food for thought.

I like the geometric art deco pattern which could end up as a quilt or maybe something else...

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Meg said...

It looks like you had a great time. It's lovely to see the photos - they bring back memories of a special trip a few years ago.