Monday, 20 April 2009

New Term

Monday Morning New Term Blues

This is probably what I looked like this morning when I found Son's gym kit which had been left in his bag for two weeks and he needed them for badminton club after school tonight!!!!
8.10 am and the Children have returned from the bus stop to say they have "missed the bus!"
This apparently is a joke!
After scrapping me off the ceiling they explain that they forgot that they didn't start until 9.30am today and the bus won't be there to collect them until later so have come home to surprise me - The Little Darlings (!)
So Good news - Mum has survived the operation, she was adament that she wouldn't survive the anestetic, although a fit and healthy non-smoking, hardly drinking lady of 63. Now she is very tired and admits that she needs to sleep in the afternoon. She will get the results of the operation on Wednesday and now worries that she will definitely need chemo. Mum likes to worry and needs to be in control of a situation. I hope it's good news on Wednesday...
Now off to reclaim the house from the holiday trashing that only a tweenager and teenager can create - Toddlers were so much easier!


Penscombe said...

I am guilty of being a 'ghost' blogger so thought I'd better manifest myself... Love the gargoyle. Funny I seem to feel like that most days. I thought your journal pages were wonderful.
Very sorry about your Mum: I do hope she is recovering well.

threadcircles said...

Hi sorry to hear about your mum, hope she recovers soon. Are you going to summer school? I thought of you as I have been given lots of rugmaking canvas and wool which I don't want. I know you say you do that in your profile, would you like me to bring it to Urchfont for you - no charge of course!Email me back otherwise I can give it to a local sale.
Best wishes

English Rose said...

I am sooo glad that the op was a success - she will be knackered for quite a while, you could try telling her that, but if at least you know, then you can help her if she gets frustrated by it.
know what you mean about the gargoyle look, and the wasteland that is left at the end of the holidays. good luck, blitz it and then you can get on with more important things like C&G.