Thursday, 2 April 2009

Catalogue Killer!

Well I have to confess don't I?
As I have previously blogged, I had joined in this mass murder of all catalogues as suggested by Maggie Grey on her blog Mag Stitch. So here is the evidence of the "bodies" that where scattered around my garden.

These two where lying in a prone position outside on the patio - not quite a "Jordach" body under the the flagstones (Google "Brookside, body under the patio" if unsure of this reference!). They were effected by the wind and have a "looser flappiness"about them.

This one isn't technically a catalogue, but a blob of dried out newspaper that had fallen into a bucket of rain water whilst I was cleaning out the Guinea pigs - I hasten to add that these were the clean newspapers that were being put in. Being a some what lazy person I had not bothered to empty the bucket until some weeks later and decided to leave the paper to dry by the garage to see what would happen! A nice misshapened splattered blob with varying degrees of thickness.

This is the third part of the catalogue that was on the patio. This third was left in the shelter of a covered garden chair over the winter months and has kept it's shape and is quite solid compared to the other two wind blown ones.

This was the first...

It got easier after this one - isn't that was most serial killers say?

It was ripped, slashed and left for dead under the quince bush where it ended up with the slugs and covered in leaves and soil. This one will take some time to dry, but I am hoping of good things from it

Oh, and if any one knows how to get rid of the weed that grew over the "Quince Bush catalogue" I would be very grateful!

So there you have Officer - the Body of Evidence

I'm guilty as charged

The biggest crime I could commit though would be not to take this Catalogue Challenge further so I shall be adding it to the to do list and be blogging later on in the year as to what happened next...

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Fibrenell said...

I'll be watching to see how you transform your catalogues. Mine got nicked by the wild turkeys in our backyard much to Maggie's amusement so I had to start again - maybe by Christmas.....They know trash when they see it, according to my husband!