Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Today was my birthday
Today was also the day my Mum had an operation for breast cancer

My Children, who are still on holiday, have taken me to Kew Gardens and we have been to the Theatre to see West Side Story. It beats walking the lounge awaiting news as the Family live 240 miles away and I was under instructions from Mum NOT to come up!

My Mum has been fortunate that the mamorgram found the tiniest of cells and hopefully won't be losing any lymph nodes as she is undergoing a new proceedure where she has her nodes treated with radio active isotopes and if there is no reaction then the cancer hasn't reached them and they are left alone.

Dad said she will be home tomorrow so I shall go and visit! As Mum will be under strict instructions to rest she won't be able to argue!

It's been a weird Easter.


Anonymous said...

So sorry about your mother. I hope she continues on the road to a speedy recovery. You have my thoughts and prayers

Stephanie M said...

Hi Alison, I can understand the sense of weirdness, having had a scary 18 months myself. Good news on the new forms of treatment. I hope your Mum is okay, and you enjoyed your birthday. with best wishes, Stephanie