Sunday, 4 November 2007

Module 3 update

Dyeing Fabrics

I have completed the dyeing of fabric and now have a wonderful stash to play with later on in the module

I took photos of the pieces drying

Monoprinting Papers and Fabrics

Coloured Papers with Monoprinting

Using the hand coloured papers I monoprinted using acrylic paint and a selection of spiral impliments - card, a wire egg cup, a wire whisk and a variety of printing pads with spiral designs.

Fabrics with Monoprinting

Taking a selection of the fabrics I had dyed earlier I used acrylic paint mixed with a stabilzer to allow the paint to stick to the fabric and be washed if necessary. Iused the impliment mentioned above to create patterns on the fabric. I also used fabric pens to doodle on some of the fabrics.

51 Days to Deadline


Daniela said...

Happy to see you're getting on! Now you have quite a batch of gorgeous fabrics. I'm currently working on tassels and is taking me more time than I thought with my clumsy fingers! Cords were really fun, I'm going to upload photos soon. Have a good day.

JaneO said...

What a wonderful stash of fabrics, I love the colours together! Interested in your rhyme for pink and green, my Granny always said blue and green should never be seen. Your countdown is making me really nervous because that is my deadline for module 2 on the diploma. Should be working not messing on the computer.

Blue is my colour said...

Your array of dyed fabrics look decidely scrummy. Look forward to seeing them stitched too.
Absolutely adore the red and green.

Leanne said...

Thanks so much for your comments Great to see the work of others doing the same module, however I feel rather inadequate. Daniela, your stitching is amazing. I may have to revisit that chapter. I got carried away on the cords so tried to keep it simple on the tassels. Starting buttons and beads this weekend (I hope).