Monday, 8 October 2007

Renaming the Countdown!

For Daniela's sake and for others who find that Christmas is looming ever nearer with decorations in garden centres and mince pies in Tescos without my countdown to remind them I shall rename the Countdown - Completion of Module Three. The fact that Sian has picked Christmas for a suitable deadline means that crackers and Christmas cards in Boots reminds me to leave Boots promptly and get back to the work room!!!!!!! Preferably leaving after paying for my goodies!

By the way there are 79 days to go to the Completion of Module Three


Daniela said...

So I take that you're going to finish off Module 3 as per Christmas! Alison, I can already see you wearing your fantastic impractical apron and the most crazy, sky-reaching, unthinkable and still unthinked hat or fascinator or ... you tell me

Stitch Loop said...

You've made a super start to Module Three. I echo Daniela's comments and look forward to seeing something extra special from you to celebrate my Christmas! Everything here looks as if you're well 'on track' but will happily send you a tutorial report now if you wish it. Sorry to have missed you at Ally Pally. I took my aching legs home on the Friday evening after a 2 day stint there. Very enjoyable - especially the champagne reception at the Pfaff exhibition gallery after clsong time on the first day.