Thursday, 4 October 2007

Distant Stitch Course Work - Module 3 Chapters 1, 2 & 3

Chapter One - Research

Research for Man-made Spirals
Reference that has been gathered from publications and from my own photographs

Photographs of gates in the villages of Urchfont and Fritwell, Medieval Church carvings, Bishop's Crooks and crosses from my reference books and pixel pictures from internet sites are some of the reference shown.

Simple Drawings of Spiral Shapes

Simple drawings to find the spiral in complex images

Research for Accessory Ideas

Ideas of how spirals can be used in accessories

Chapter Two - Design Work


I was drawn to the apple green and pastel rose on seeing alot of children's and some adult clothing during the Summer of 2006. Althought I tried to stay away from "Red and Green are seldom seen unless upon a Fool!" I couldn't help myself! If a red rose can grow on a green bush it was good enough for me. I had also been with Black and White for so long that I had to rebel!


During my holiday in the Lake District, my family kindly gave me a day to myself to spend painting paper! Fortunate the North West of England was having a glorious August and I was able to hang the papers on the washing line to dry, unfortunately Hubbie had taken the camera so I can't show you evidence of it! But I can show you the papers I coloured...

To add interest to the papers I swirled crayon in a darker, or contrasting, colour so it would resist the paint and show through. I also used rubbing boards similar to the ones we used at Summer school to give a more regular pattern.

Simple Three Dimensional Shapes
Swirls and Twists using corrugated card

Computer Drawn Spirals

Chapter Three - Fabrics and Threads

Colour Scheme

Whilst enduring the Black and White of a never ending Module Two, (which was my own fault for taking so long!), I had been squirrelling away threads, fabrics, sequins and other delights of various kinds and various shades of my chosen colours.

I have added white to the mix, no not because I can't keep away from it! I thought it would add a bit of depth to the cords and help the other two colours to stand out


Hopefully there should be enough threads of various hues and types to make endless cords!

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Leanne said...

Hello: I've just come across your blog. I also am working my way (slowly, very slowly) thru Certificate Module 3. I've gotten rather bogged down making cords, pages and pages of samples. Must let that go and get on with the tassels. All the best to you.