Sunday, 25 November 2007

Course Work Update

Although the blog updates have ceased I have been busy on the course work. Even quilting has taken a back seat, well I did wash through fabric bought for a couple of quilts to be made once time allows! I have been creating the hand stitched and machine samples, lots of cords and three tassels. Photograpghs will be downloaded soon, promise.

I have had a idea for the final piece and will be emailing Sian at some point to see if it is viable, it's fun and wearable! I have also booked my place on the Summer school so get the cat walk out as I hope to be able to sashay down runway whilst precariously balancing said object on my head!!!

By the way - 30 days to go on deadline and next weekend is too busy to contemplate with visit from In-Laws, Take That gig at O2 and children's activities taking up most of it - I wonder if I can fit in some stitching between them all? So why am I sat here typing when there's work to do...

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English Rose said...

You are doing really well Alison, Me, urm, well not so well! I have a deadline of 5 days. Am I ready to meet it, am I heck? It will be no consolation to sian to know that I have given it a huge amount of thought, but I have, and I even have an idea of what I want to put together - it's just this time stuff that is in such short supply.