Thursday, 12 July 2007

Six Feet Deep, Argus Filtch and the Mystery of My Untidy Work Room

David Bradley aka Argus Filtch with two Muggles
Well it's not really a mystery I am half way through reorganising my workroom, clearing out the black and white and installing all the new threads and stuff I have been squirrelling away during module 2! Even so I still found time for a visit to my local garden centre, which has a craft shop and wool shop - which are in the process of closing down due to rebuild of garden centre later in year , it's sad to see them go and its the only reason I go to this centre as is the reason alot of ladies I see there so that's the garden centre's business scuppered once they reopen!!!!! Anyway it was a business meeting of sorts as I met up with two friends I run a toddler group with and one friend has decided, after time off due to breast cancer,( now recovering well), that she will not be returning. It was rather sad but I understand, inevitable due to many reasons, some being church politics but I won't go there! My friend has been running the club with me for 12 years so it's the end of an era. So we had a coffee or two , gossiped, laughed and then went our merry ways - me going to craft and wool shops for more goodies for module 3. After parcels arriving from Rainbow Silks - markel sticks, solvy paper and markel embossing plates - you know the ones , large black groovy boards that Maggie used last week and from Fred Aldous - corrugated card you would think I had enough! So why did I need 3 balls of wool, 2 stamps with spirals, some Pinfair polystyrene forms - that could be used for tassel forms once I have drilled the centres out - and a book on tassel and cord making? Can't answer that one...

Last week end my husband's band "Six Feet Deep",( not a suggestion as to where they should be but a misunderstanding of how deep the Mississippi is! It's a long story!), had their annual "Pop in the Paddock", everyone else had Live Earth , but we had a celebrity attend in the form of Mr Filtch of Harry Potter fame - he even sang with the band! Whilst all this merriment was going on I produced a sketch in stitch for a Kantha sample I wanted to do. Started at 4.30 and completed the outlines by 9.30pm! Lots of guitars and a drum kit and outlines of the band member's heads, now filling in the gaps with coloured threads.

Will post a picture soon but I've got to get back to the workroom as the vacuum cleaner is calling...

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