Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Distant Stitch Summer School 2007

Hello to all the Distant Stitchers who now know the wonders of blogging!
I have arrived home to 8 metres of black fabric to be made into 3 ninja outfits for Friday morning! NO SLEEP FOR ME for a few more nights atleast. I have downloaded my photos from the camera and will hopefully begin to add them to this blog a.s.a.p.

Hope you all had a safe journey home and are fully charged with enthusiasm to complete you modules by Christmas!!!!! I know I am up for the challenge, anyone else?

Best wishes


Meg said...

I've got my google account set up - no blog yet though!
Thanks for sharing your blog - I'm looking forward to reading it all. Just off to work on my kantha!

katinspace said...

Love your site! Still can't get over your crazy apron - mad but wonderful! I've just set up a very basic blog ... all I have to do now is maintain it without it taking over my whole life. Well, that should be simple ...