Friday, 6 January 2012


Thank-you for your thoughts on thread organisation, I have made the following decision...

I shall separate my collection into three groups

Machine Threads and Threads Used for Business
Thankfully already organinsed in a lovely drawer unit, all other threads used in the designs kept separate from rest of workroom 

Specialised Embroidery Project Threads
Silk Shading
Gold Work
Black Work
Crewel Work

Textile Art Project Threads
All Other Kinds of "Sewing", "Crouching", "Weaving", etc threads and ribbons will be kept in "Colourways"

This will make life easier as I can grab a colour knowing a variety of threads will be available for whatever I am creating, plus I won't have to waste time collecting and returning them to their original boxes, also the threads I gathered for Summer School, won't now need "tidying up"(hangs head in shame)!  I hadn't needed to use them as I am working with white threads at present - honest!

So now will arrange the drawers from "Type Of Threads" into "Colours" - "Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain" - last two put together in a purple drawer!

Seriously considering sorting beads, wires, buttons, eyelets and other stuff used in the creative process into colourway drawers too so I can just grab a drawer when the creative urge grabs me!

Feel free to use this system if, like mine,your threads are currently in a bit of a mess!

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JaneO said...

Good luck with the sorting out, always good to have a plan.