Thursday, 19 August 2010

I started, so I've finished...

...Part One.

The number of UFO's around the workroom are causing a hazard so I am trying to get them completed and a new home found for them somewhere else in the house.

This is a recently started piece. Isabel at the Quilting Group did a demo in February of Folded Hexagon Patchwork after she found the technique in
Japanese Folded Patchwork by Mary Clare Clark.



This will be going in the lounge once the redecorating has been done later in the year.

I joined the hexagon s using beads and ladder stitch.

The following quilt top has been in the "making" for approx. five years! I began it while in the black and white module two of the Distant Stitch Course. I needed to learn quilting techniques and as usual jumped in the deep-end by choosing this quilt designed by Paula Doyle of Paula once had a shop where I used to buy my quilting fabrics and equipment and how I got involved in the local quilting group. I took this along to my first meeting hoping to see Paula for advice. It sat in the first black border state for some time and I did give up a saturday a couple of years ago to make the flying geese parts. So what do you do when you need to pack for a holiday? Yes, you sew together the flying geese border then join it onto the main section! So the top in now complete and it stands at 60" x 80". I intend to take it to Isabel of Crompton Quilting as the thought of machine quilting a quilt this size does not appeal to me. I could make tops until I have a roomful, but I am not so keen on the quilting on such large pieces. I shall stick to small quilts in future

Seminole Quilt designed by Paula Doyle

Top finally completed by me!

More completed UFO's to follow...


Fibrenell said...

Brave woman, tackling UFOs.
The quilt is beautiful Alison. I know what you mean about quilting that size - the thought makes me queasy, and it's like a lovely surprise what it returns!

ferinn said...

Amazing work,I wouldn't go near that one.What else have you got lurking?

Leanne said...

Very beautiful. It has a "Pendelton Blanket" look to it.