Sunday, 15 August 2010

Back from the North

Four loads of washing later, a food shopping list to replenish the fridge and cupboards ready, most of the car contents back where it came from two weeks ago and I've only been in the house since 6pm -I could do with a holiday!!!!
So we bit the bullet and took the Teenage Darlings to Center Parcs.
I usually go to Longlet with my girlfriends during November, which during the off peak season shared between 8 of us is reasonable for a weekend away. We went to Whinfell, near Penrith, as we could call in at the Parents (both sets in same village) on route and at the end of the break returning South.
It was great to see Dad, who is half way through his chemo and coping very well under the circumstances, he looked very different without his beard which he has sported for atleast all of my memory, although there are photos of us together without the beard!
I had a great time relaxing. I made a point of not doing any embroidery during the time there - as I sew daily with my job I thought I deserved a break - took plenty of photos and made notes of ideas which sprang to mind though.
The DH and the Darlings had a great time too and hope to return, maybe to a closer Parc next time, they said!
The second week was spent at a cottage on the edge of the Lake District and we visited all our favourite towns and recharged our inner batteries with beautiful scenery of mountains and lakes.
I needed some new reference of black headed sheep for updating a design I have, so I was really pleased when this sheep obliged with a bit of modelling

Loving the pose! It's back legs are just how I needed them positioned!

I finally found the way of changing the exposure on my digital camera while journeying back to base from Keswick one evening. The fact I have had this camera over three years makes me feel a little foolish. I should go on a course on how to get the most from your digital camera!

I was able to create this wonderful photo

Looks like its been through photoshop already!

Now off to sleep in my own bed...


Susan D said...

If you're looking for a course I can recommend T189 at the Open University. Have a look here.

I did it a couple of years ago and learnt a lot, so much that I went on to OCA The Art of Photography.

Jennifer said...

Sounds as though you had a truly wonderful holiday -- glad to hear that you had the time with your dad (and the rest of the family!).