Friday, 11 June 2010

Sister Hannah with the Banner!

I'm not sure who "Sister Hannah" is- I'm sure someone out there can answer that - but when ever the banner is paraded the cry "Who's Sister Hannah this time?" can be heard. I was banner bearer on Tuesday and was even more fortunate to follow the Northwood banner I had made!

There is something very special about St. Paul's. We sit under the dome and gaze at the beautiful mosaics and paintings above us. The colours are amazing and I keep promising myself a daytime visit with the sketchbook. Sadly photos aren't allowed in the main part of the church but they allow us to photograph the banners - fortunately my Son was able to snap away and got a good selection of the different designs.

After we have walked down the nave the banners are displayed around the font so that the congregation can view the many different designs as they leave. The lovely ladies of Northwood MU came to view their new banner and their banner bearer Graham was quick to tell them I was the one who had made it. It was quite difficult to hug all the ladies whilst holding my own banner aloft, but I managed!

A selection of the many banners on display

This final one is one of my favourites and I always look out for it.

The Madonna is so unusual.

Coursework update

I have been working on Chapter 10, making lots of little books and a bigger book to hold them in!

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Lesley said...

Wonderful banners.
I'd so love to work on a project like that - not that I have any embroidery skills, but just to be part of such a creative project that is a strong link with tradition. Fabulous.