Monday, 28 June 2010

Hands up if you're off to Urchfont!

and have you made your ATC yet?

For the first time I will be staying in Seymore House.
Even though I rang to book as soon as the date of the Summer School was available all the other rooms were booked!

I double checked with the office - "That's not the thatched one, is it?"

Now I like a thatched cottage like the next woman - who wouldn't - but this particular one looks, well,... abit scary. Maybe it's the fact it's the furthest from the Manor House and you have to walk through the garden - in the dark! - to reach it may be a factor. Now as Seymore House is just slightly closer to the Manor House and you still have walk through the "Secret Garden" to reach it I will be packing my Son's wind up torch. Yes, the one I bought as a gift from the lovely famer's fayre/craft shop down the road from Urchfont. I knew there was a reason for getting it! I doubt he has used it for the last 12 months, so that now means it's mine!!! So next week-end as you tuck yourselves up in the Manor House and you hear an unusual "sawing " sound that will be me winding up the torch as I sprint through the dark to bed.

(Just checked on the Urchfont Website and the paths to the outer gardens
and the houses are lit! - but it's still dark near the vegetable patch!)

Who ever had the wonderful idea of having us make ATC's for the first evening "Icebreaker" deserves a pat on the back. I am busy making mine and I hope nobody forgets. I love the idea of the secret codes and things on the ATC to identify the maker. It will be such fun.

I am so looking forward to seeing you all again and to meet the first timers.

See you on Sunday...


Max the Lobster said...

sounds like that saying 'something strange in that there woodshed lurks' or something similar! not to worry you or anything!
Done my ATC, yes, great idea but i must remember to pack it.
I am looking forward to putting faces to blogs!

JaneO said...

You're all right, I am in Seymour House too (who booked all those rooms so fast?) so we can brave the dark together - it's a lovely stroll to get to breakfast. Still pondering the ATC, I'll have to get cracking tomorrow.

Stephanie M said...

Alison, I look forward to seeing you again. I suppose I'm one of those early birds who booked a room in the Coach House ... ATC is nearly completed. I'm looking forward to meeting old friends and making some new ones.

ferinn said...

I'm in Fiddlers again.I didn't find it scary last year ,it was a nice walk to breakfast and well lit on the way back at night.I've done my ATC, though it took a bit of thinking about.See you on Sunday.

Hazel said...

Hi Alison, getting my bits together and getting excited about summer school, done my ATC and looking forward to meeting again

threadcircles said...

I'm in Seymour house again - no problems but have needed an umbrella in recent years and watch the ticks bearing Lyme disease! See you soon

threadcircles said...
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Karen said...

I won't be joining you all this year, as I have put the diploma 'on hold' for an indefinite period. Hope you have a great time at Urchfont Manor. Who's your tutor this year?

Best wishes