Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Just when you thought...

the thaw was upon us, the Snow Queen arrives back again!

Son has gone into school - at this rate he may be snowed in!
Schoolcomms just informed me that Son will be leaving school at 1.25pm
so that everyone can return home safely!

I cancelled the Toddler Group I usually run on a Wednesday as I couldn't get to the hall. The roads are back to trecherous. My neighbour - from Eastern Europe and used to weather like this - advised me to stay at home just as I pulled out of the drive so I reversed back in and will be tackling the groups admin and accounts while I have the chance.
Daughter continues her recovery from her preChristmas op.
Awaiting Consultant's decision as to when she can return to school.


ferinn said...

Looks as if you've had the same as us.At least I don't need to get out.Hope your son gets home safely and you enjoy the time to get your accounts done.Keep warm .

Jennifer said...

I appreciate how difficult the snow is to deal with when you're not used to it. Hope everyone is well, warm, and safe!

Sarah Jayne said...

Hurrah - the snow has now gone and we can all get around as we wish.