Sunday, 10 January 2010

It's back!

Yes, the Creative Juices are flowing, hurrah!!!!!!

I decided last Friday that I would reintroduce Fabricate Friday, brought down to the dining room all the stuff associated with Module 4 and went through everything, rereading all the notes in my module note book/diary. It helped and made me decide all the more that I would keep to my original plan of the fan.

Saturday was busy with the family, so today with homework to be done and DH at work - thanks to the weather - I was able to move on with some time to myself. I have been finding it demoralising seeing all my Distant Stitchers posting their work and having nothing to show. It was the kick up the bum I needed.

I may have posted this before as the drawing was made in July. The fan will be in the style of a "Jenny Lind" brise fan

These two photos show a drawing to scale of the frame which will hold the handmade paper with embedded embroidery and a practise square seen again below

This is a practise piece to see if two pieces of frame can be blanket stitched together and a grid suspended from the frame. The grid is made from the linear shapes of the lettering.

A card fan to see if the size is practical. Unfortunately you have no idea if it is as I haven't put anything next to it to show you the difference, but be assured it suits me fine!!!
I shall be updating the Module 4 coursework gallery blog asap so Sian can have an offical look at what has been done!

If you are wondering where the Photo a Day as gone and whether I only made it to Day 5, I thought it best not to bore you ridged with the photos and just post a grouping of five or six as I go along. Then again I might create a new blog just for PaD. Oh and yes I have been remembering to take one each day - trust me!


Karen said...

Welcome back!

After several days without PaD posts I feared you might be stuck in a snowdrift somewhere in the NW.

Hazel said...

Love the fan idea - can't wait to see it finished. I'm supposed to be clearing my mess off the table as we have a visitor for lunch and it is covered in bits of gluey paper!

JaneO said...

Glad to see you have got your mojo back - we are all a bit out of our usual routine. My girls have been in and out of school like yo-yos.