Sunday, 27 December 2009

The Most Relaxing Christmas Ever...

I doubt I have ever been so chilled!
It's amazing how having family to stay can be so hectic.
It's getting the house prestine, moving everyone around to accomodate the sleeping arrangements, shopping in bulk to feed them and then having to cook it all at regular intervals because that's when they usually eat! I enjoy cooking, but some members of my family like to have breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper whereas I like to eat when hungry! I hardly leave the kitchen
This year we all slept in our own beds, got up when we wanted - the latest ever Christmas lie in, I suppose that's what happens when the Darlings become teenagers - and a day spent eating whenever and just chilling with our gifts.
It was unusual in the fact Daugther spent the day lying down on her day bed as she couldn't sit at the table with us to eat her lunch - still recuperating from the op.- but she pulled her cracker and wore her hat!

Christmas Makes

I just found time to complete the Christmas Oranges
Here they are after being rescued from the airing cupboard

And here they are once beribboned and beads sewn on to represent the berries

And in their place on the mantlepiece with the lemons and cinnamon sticks

This is the gift for my Parent-in-Laws, one of a pair. This one was completed in time to make the last Special Delivery before Christmas. It has been gratefully received and it's partner will be completed in time to send to their home when they return from the Sister-in-Laws! Bearing in mind that they were suppose to be ready for last Christmas to have the second quilt by New Year will be good going!
So here's hoping you too had a Peaceful and relaxing Christmas and wishing you all a Happy and Fulfilling New Year


JaneO said...

And a happy new year to you Alison.

Meg said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas! Have a happy new year and a stitchy 2010!

Lesley said...

Hi there Alison!
Wonderful to meet you - and how lovely to see you have my blog listed on your roll — I'm dead chuffed! Thank you.

We had a pretty great Christmas down here, despite a fairly hot day. Yours sounds perfect. It's fab when the children grow too old for the crack-of-dawn start!

Have a great New Year.

Jennifer said...

It's so true -- as much as we enjoy sharing the holiday with extended family, it DOES add to the stress and pressure. There's nothing like having your own schedule that day, doing things just as you'd like to, and feeling less fussed about it all. Looks as though you had a beautiful Christmas!!