Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The Lady and the Lamp

I haven't blogged for ages, nothing to show, nothing to tell.
Working and being Mum.
I've just returned home from 36 hours at the hospital after Darling Daughter has had an operation, nothing too serious and it was planned so that she has the Christmas holidays to recouperate and doesn't miss too much of her schooling during her exam year.
So we had an early Christmas lunch with all the trimmings at the beginning of the month while Grandparents were visiting to do the North/South present swap and see the Darlings in their pantomime. Boy have I been organised this year! Most of everything has been done before the hospital visit as I did not know how much time there would be afterwards.
Now donning Florence Nightingale costume to tend to Daughter, this is only the second Christmas without the whole family in 20 years so it will be quiet!
If I can create anything this side of Christmas, while nursing my First Born, you'll be one of the first to know!
Best wishes


threadcircles said...

Happy Christmas Alison!
Hope your daughter gets better soon and you have a peaceful Christmas. Are you going to summer school?
Love Paula x

JaneO said...

Hi Alison - I'm a bit late reading this but have a lovely Christmas and hope your daughter is reco.vering well