Monday, 1 December 2008

"Cat amongst the Pigeon's"

Well I said that I would reveal what DH has done and he has done it with my blessing. BUT even so the actual thought of DH leaving his job of nineteen years after the company offered severance is daunting to say the least!

We are now counting down the days like an advent calendar and as the 31st of December creeps ever closer I wonder will 2009 be as exciting as this one?

Having said all this, DH has hit the ground running and has had a number of interviews with other companies in his field and is also looking at consultancy work and he is very positive about the future - Credit Crunch! What credit crunch??

Tomorrow the postman should be posting an offer through the door, which will hopefully give the wolf that is hovering by it a good seeing to!

DH has a full social diary at the moment - "Your first Christmas Party tonight, Dad?" asked Son as DH came home and changed. "No, Son. Just the first of many leaving do's I am invited to". As there's 450 leaving these parties might end in March!!!!

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Hazel said...

Hi from Hazel,
Hope the job front becomes spectacularly good for you all.
I am just starting the distant stitch certificate with Sian. My efforts are published on 'sunshiny stitching'.
I loved your beads and tassels.