Thursday, 20 November 2008

Does absence make the heart grow fonder?

So have you missed me? Four weeks with no posts, did you wonder why?

Thanks Sara for your email, yes, I'm still alive and nothing onerous has happened to stop the postings.

Since Alexander Palace I have been rather busy putting a stop to the nagging I have received from the family since the summer holidays, "Now we're all at big school will you be getting a job?" - see previous post 28th August for my angst ridden plea, details of how I have found an answer to follow soon...

DH has, in the nicest sort of way, put "the cat amongst the pigeons" with a major life decision, again details to follow soon...

I do have coursework to download, but the computer has only just come back from the menders and everyone has been using it for homework, revision and stuff. I know I am on it now while everyone is at work and school, but I really should be elsewhere doing other things, as usual!

I am on a quilting workshop on Saturday with Ferret. We will be creating quilts similar to "Storm" - lots of leaves - must remember to get down the park for some templates!
So hopefully I shall be blogging Sunday with the results of that.

I promise to blog, with full glorious technicolor, all what has been going on very, very soon!
Bye for now

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katinspace said...

Well, I've missed your posts and was a bit concerned to in case some disaster had overtaken you. Its nice to see them appearing again. And now we are on tenterhooks for all the breaking news, and the latest coursework. You are a terrible tease!