Friday, 10 October 2008

Knitting and Stitch Show - Alexander Palace

Just putting the final touches to the Ally Pally shopping list. Daughter and I will be having our annual jaunt, watching the Ice Skaters whilst we eat our lunch and having a thoroughly good time incorporating two of the best things to do on a Saturday - Crafts and Shopping!

I'm so ready for this that I have already cooked the stew for DH and Son's Saturday evening meal so all they have to do is buy some crusty bread tomorrow and heat up the stew. Daughter and I will probably be found somewhere in London eating Sushi, or break our journey home and call in at Richmond for our favourite Pizza Express. Either way it's nice to have a special time together and at 14 yrs old I very much doubt she will be joining me for much longer.

Is anyone else venturing to Ally Pally tomorrow?

If there are any Distant Stitchers going, would you like to meet up for a coffee?

I shall definitely be calling in on Maggie Grey for her new book and to show her the photos of my sodden catalogues!!!!

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